Each year, the real estate industry receives 55 million online real estate leads. Of those leads, 48% never receive a response.

When beginning their search, 82% of real estate customers start on the internet. Of those customers, 58% choose the first agent that responds to their lead inquiry. Unfortunately, nearly half of all real estate leads never receive a response at all. The odds are stacked against you, but One Cavo can completely change the deck. See how much our services can make a difference with our Return on Investment Calculator.

Due to existing odds, lead responsiveness rates, and lead response time, the industry-wide average lead conversion rate for online real estate leads involves closing only 1% to 3% of all internet leads received. With our One Cavo CORE platform and professional, consistent Customer Care Center working on your behalf, we can move that ratio up to around 6% to 10% and increase your return of investment with real estate leads for realtors.

Try our investment return calculator to see how One Cavo’s professional online lead management services can improve your return on investments by enhancing your lead response time and lead conversion rates.

ROI Calculator

Brokerage Information Your Numbers Industry Average
Avg. Sales Price $175000
Commission / Side 2.56%
Agent Referral Fee to Broker 30%
Broker Split of Agent Commission 26%
Closing Cycle (Months) 3
Lead Analysis Ratios Totals
Leads Per Month:
Conversion Rate
Revenue & ROI Schedule
eTeam Flat Fee per Lead
Gross Sales
Gross Commission
Gross Broker Referral Fee
Gross Broker Split
Total Broker Gross Revenue
Gross Revenue per Lead
Broker Net Revenue