The One Cavo approach combines rapid lead response and consistent customer support with lead tracking technology, a perfected Lead Converter tool, and the One Cavo CORE platform to ensure that your customers receive only the best experience.

When internet leads come through your site, or from third-party sites like Zillow and Realtor.com®, our API sends information to our Customer Care Center. Each lead is contacted within ten minutes. If real estate leads are “hot,” or ready to speak with an agent, our team warm-transfers the calls directly to your available team members. If the leads are not “hot,” the prospects are put into incubation. Time is critical in this process, as after just 30 minutes of waiting, prospective leads are 100 times less likely to be reached.
Protect your brokerage brand by ensuring your sellers never lose another potential buyer. Learn more about how the One Cavo Approach works to improve your lead response management.