As a centralized source of lead progression data, our One Cavo CORE platform provides detailed reports on lead status and assignment, agent responsiveness, and consumer experience data.

Our reporting and analytics will measure the quality of each lead source and the efficiency of your sales team, giving you meaningful feedback to assess your online marketing investment. With these reports, you will never be left guessing how to make best use of your marketing dollars.

Track Your Progress

Partnering with One Cavo provides your firm a measurable return on investment from your existing lead volumes, and the reporting and metrics to clearly define additional steps in your online strategy. We combine call center services with the strong integration of industry-leading real estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology to offer you and your consumers the best experience with quantifiable results.

All data gathered during our conversations with consumers is logged into our web-based lead tracking platform, One Cavo CORE. With consumer data centralized, we then have the ability to provide a variety of customized and on-demand reports that give you metrics on your team’s lead response time, the lead conversion rate, potential action items, and more. With One Cavo CORE, you can ensure that your customers have a consistent and positive experience when working with your agents.

Customizable Lead and Agent Activity Reports

All of the reports and analytics in One Cavo CORE can be pulled at a moment’s notice, exported as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF file, and sorted by a multitude of factors. Here are just a few of the reports your team can use to track your real estate leads:

Lead Assignment by Agent – This report features a list of the internet leads that were assigned to your agents, with lead and property information and the current disposition of the lead. This report is great for a general monthly status update on how leads are progressing and how your agents compare to one another.

Agent Responsiveness by Phone – In this report, you’ll have access to the number of our attempts to contact each of your agents by phone and the results of each attempt, along with each agent’s earned Responsive Rate score. This information is crucial to determine how to distribute your listing leads in order to maximize your return of investment.

Consumer Survey Data – This detailed report includes consumer survey responses regarding their experience with our customer care team and your agents. With this information, you’ll be able to see which tactics and strategies work best to “warm up” cold leads and enhance lead conversion rates.

One Cavo CORE features many additional reports that enable you to track your lead progression and enhance your online lead management process. Schedule a One Cavo CORE demo to see the platform’s full range of advanced reporting capabilities.

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