Improve your strategy for “warming up” cold leads with One Cavo CORE’s centralized campaign materials and customized communications.

When a potential lead is not ready to make a move or get in touch with you just yet, One Cavo CORE enables you to document it and begin a targeted marketing campaign consisting of tailored emails and periodic personal contact, to ensure that the customer is always thinking about you. Through this incubation process, you are able to “warm up” the real estate leads until they are ready to talk to an agent.


Based on the consumers’ conversations with our call center customer service team, the potential listing leads who are not “ready, willing, and able” to engage with an agent just yet will be placed on call-back and email drip campaigns, which will “warm up” the real estate leads for realtors.


Call-Back Campaigns
When on the call-back campaign, our customer support team will contact the internet leads at a later date, within their preferred time frame and via their preferred method of contact (call, email, or text), to determine if they would like to move forward with an agent yet. Additional calls can also be placed thirty, sixty, or ninety days after the initial conversation with the consumer.

Email Drip Campaigns
With the email drip campaign, a selection of emails tailored to consumers’ individual interests and needs provide a constant lifeline to your customers. These personalized emails ensure that you are always on consumers’ radar and at the forefront of their minds, even while you’re working to acquire other prospective real estate leads. The email campaigns are creative and designed to draw consumers back to your website, and to re-engage with you once they’re ready to move forward. The drip campaigns are not only targeted to reach specific customers with their unique needs in mind, but are also heavily branded with your logos, colors, imagery, and messaging to further reinforce your company’s presence.

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