When responding to and converting leads, your method of online lead management is the key to success.

Our One Cavo CORE platform allows you to decide how leads are distributed based on zip code and price threshold. In addition, you can configure a unique business rule for each of your lead sources, which can help decrease your overhead with managing leads and increase your lead ROI.


One Cavo CORE enables you to automate how leads are distributed based on a variety of factors, improving and simplifying your lead management process. For each lead source, you can dictate which action to take by selecting from a library of proprietary business rules and customizing them to your team’s specific needs. The following are just a few of the business rules that you can implement to enhance your customer experience:

eTeam – Our real estate customer service team will contact eligible eTeam members from a prioritized list displaying three eTeam agents who cover the inquiry property’s zip code. If the lead cannot be assigned to an eTeam agent, then our call center will assign the lead to the eCommerce manager, who can then re-assign the lead to an agent.

Listing Agent Exclusive – With this rule, our customer care team will only assign the real estate lead to the listing agent. If the property the customer is inquiring about does not have a listing agent, then the lead will be handled based on the eTeam business rule.

Listing Agent First – If this rule is activated, then our Customer Care Center will call the listing agent first to warm-transfer and assign the lead to that agent. In the event that the listing agent does not answer the call, or there is no listing agent for the property the customer is interested in, then the lead will be handled based on the eTeam business rule.

No Response, No API Call – Our advanced system will create lead records via API or email parsers, and automatically assign all incoming leads to the listing agent, if there is one, or to the eCommerce manager. With this rule, no call requests will be sent to our Customer Care Center.

Appointment Scheduled – When an appointment is scheduled, the event will be placed on a shared scheduling calendar. Our One Cavo CORE technology will send an email reminder to both the customer and the agent/LAT to confirm the scheduled appointment.

Interested in improving your real estate lead response time and distribution? Contact us today to learn more about how we can customize your lead response and management strategy.