Of all online real estate leads, roughly 48% of them end up being completely ignored.

Through our experienced Customer Care Center, One Cavo acts as your inside sales agent for online lead management and lead distribution, and ensures that no lead is lost.

How We Provide Immediate Responses to Your Potential Customers

Our Customer Care Center staff responds to all incoming IDX and listing leads, qualifies them, and warm-transfers only the “ready, willing, and able” customers directly to you and your agents. Unlike other call center companies, our team always responds to your internet leads within 10 minutes or less.* Through this process, our call center customer service team gathers valuable information and ensures a positive and meaningful customer experience for your potential buyers. Our call center services utilize the best in call center and real estate specific database technology, offering extended business hours that optimize opportunities for you to connect with your customers. Real estate companies with a quick lead response time and a friendly, live customer service team are proven to have a 250% greater lead-to-close conversion rate. With both of these qualities mind, consider One Cavo’s Customer Care Center staff your team of real estate virtual assistants!


How Our Reliable, Customizable, and Professional Service Works

Reliable – We will set up a unique toll-free customer service number for your company, or use your existing number, to directly connect your customers with our Customer Care Center team. Our sophisticated team of customer support professionals operates 76 hours per week, 358 days a year. Except for only seven holidays, the team is available to respond to your real estate leads every weekday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM in most time zones, and weekends from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. One Cavo’s reliable customer care team offers a unique experience to both your customers and your agents, who will feel like they have their very own virtual real estate assistant introducing them to new leads each day. Not only is our Customer Care Center service a fraction of the cost of hiring your own inside sales agents – our customer service team never gets sick, is never late for work, doesn’t go on vacation, and doesn’t even take a lunch break!

In 2015 alone, One Cavo’s Customer Care Center successfully managed over 50,000 website and phone lead inquiries on behalf of its clients.

Customizable – Similar to using an inside sales agent, our team is specially trained to represent your brand in the best possible light, and to communicate with consumers on your behalf using a customized response script. One of our implementation managers will work with you to ensure the messaging used for your brand meets your company’s standards. With our high-level real estate customer service and quality assurance methods, you benefit from the economies of scale that might not otherwise be available with other call center companies.

Professional – Based on each initial lead response call with your customers, our customer service team records the office name, agent name, date, and lead source – all are available for on-demand reporting after the call is complete. On the initial call, our customer service team can also request customer feedback, or provide an introduction of your company’s ancillary services. We understand how important services such as mortgages, insurance, or warranties are to your bottom line, so we can introduce them in our initial communications with consumers. Then, we can connect the consumers to designated individuals within the ancillary company of interest, so they are able to follow a parallel path with the service that applies to them. In instances when a consumer has an immediate need or a request that the Customer Care Center team is unable to handle, our call center will place the consumer on hold and warm-transfer them to one of your designated agents, or to an alternate contact (typically an “eCommerce Manager”) you’ve provided based on your unique business roles. These procedures ensure a professional and dedicated experience for your consumers every time.

When you use One Cavo for call center management, lead response, distribution, and incubation, all calls are recorded and monitored for quality assurance. We log all data gathered during our conversations into our web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, allowing us to provide a variety of customized reports that include lead details, action items, and success metrics.


* During operational business hours