lead response
& distribution

  • 15-Minute Response
  • Live Agent Transfers
  • Lead Incubation

the clock is ticking

58% of consumers select
the real estate agent
who responds to them first.

Get there first.

rapid response

and analytics

One Cavo will measure the quality of each lead source and the effectiveness of your sales team, providing a meaningful feedback loop to measure your marketing investment.

You are investing heavily in the internet to generate leads. What happens to those prospects? How do you measure success? What is the customer experience?

One Cavo delivers a revolutionary solution to consumers' online demands and form requests on behalf of real estate agents and brokers by integrating both industry-leading technology platforms (e.g. Terabitz) and the service of Rapid Response—the incubation and management of leads from agent, broker and national websites through a multi-lingual contact center.

One Cavo also introduces a real estate broker’s ancillary services—such as mortgage, title, P & C insurance and home warranty—to a consumer on our initial contact with them on behalf of our clients. We increase a broker’s capture rate of those ancillary services with a measurable ROI.